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The real cost of a website

So your thinking of building a website, STOP! The world is changing and what business thoughts and aspirations you had two or three years ago may need changing. It's ok to change, (take a deep breath), being adaptable will ensure your business continues in the rough times ahead of us.

So, does your business (not you) need a website. I recently worked with someone who had a host issue for a website that had gone down. The immediate reaction was to fix this and get it back up and running. Although I am happy to quote for what I have been asked for, I can't help but try and resolve matters to the benefit of the business/person. Solutions that involved a lot less work and expense included redirecting the site to the active Facebook page. Easier all round.

The problem in the first place is that small businesses don't have the time or energy to maintain a website and although problems do not occur immediately from a newly built website, if not maintained it will cause a host of headaches later on. If you do want a website make sure you have a plan for maintenance and the true cost of running one. There are also plenty of website business eager to help (at a cost).

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