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General Terms & Conditions

This is the general terms & conditions for which Support 4 Enterprise operates. These can vary from time to time depending on the agreement in place with the client or business.

Support 4 Enterprise

Support 4 Enterprise is a sole trader providing support to clients, businesses or other sole traders. These are usually short term projects.


Providing Services

Support 4 Enterprise provides a number of services including mentoring, business planning, website support and other administration work. Part of the unique selling point is the versatility of the services depending on the clients requirements.



Prices are available against individual services correct at time of publishing. Quotes are available on request. Due on receipt of invoice or booking.



Delivery is agreed by either booking online or by agreement prior to services being provided.


Termination or cancellation

Each project has an agreed termination or cancellation and booked online services are subject to 5% fee if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

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Let's Work Together

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